Hotel Villa Stella


Lake Garda Sports paradise


The Sporthotel Villa Stella staff offers bike enthusiasts the pluriannual experience and passion on the field, providing an important support to choose the most suitable tracks for your skills and needs.

Villa Stella offers bikers the follwing services:

  • 24h Videosurveilled garage.
  • Workshop equipped with bike stand and compressor..
  • External washing area.
  • Lockers for the equipment.
  • Tour information, up-to-date guides and maps, routes and books on Garda Trentino routes.
  • Room to dry clothes.
  • Laundry service.
  • Luggage shipping service with GLS courier.
  • Packet lunch on request.
  • Weather reports.
  • Possibility to have a shower the day of departure.

Directly in hotel you can rent, at good price, Felt city bikes, real adventure companions, a nice revelation even for the most convinced purists. If you want to rent a classic MTB, we suggest you to book it in Torbole directly here or in Riva del Garda here. For technical problems of your bicycle or for a complete check-up before a great adventure , please contact the bike wellness center.


Lake Garda sailing: a sport paradise
Hotel Villa Stella's passion and love for these sports and its many years of association with the national sailing federations of Italy and those from all over the world, allow us to offer a package of specific sailing services.


  • Storage for sailing gear and space for trailers.
  • Own drying room.
  • Internet WiFi for free and internet point.
  • Repair area including a sealing device.
  • Multifunctional seminar room with audiovisual equipment.
  • Fitness room with a room for physiotherapy.
  • Sauna.
  • Citybikes.
  • Laundry service.
  • Packet lunch on request.
  • Weather reports.
  • Possibility to have a shower the day of departure.

Do you want to try a sailing course for beginners or experts or do you want to rent a boat? Click here for information and booking. Thanks to the constant presence of the wind, Torbole ranks among the most famous places in the world for classic windsurfing and for the most modern kitesurfing. Rely on the many years of experience of our partners for the rental of equipment and courses at all levels to enjoy an unforgettable experience on the waters of Lake Garda.


Panoramic routes between lake and mountains, balconies overlooking the lake, exceptional scenery and trails in the woods with historical and artistic evidence ... All this offers the Garda Trentino to lovers: not only trekking, but also vie ferratas, which are located on spectacular rocks overlooking the lake.

Do you need strong excitements you will never forget?
Also in this case Lake Garda is perfect for you: dive headfirst, but in absolute safety, in the streams coming down from the mountains, always accompanied by the guides of the canyoning centres. The centres organize daily excursions. Canyoning is a reality even at Lake Garda and in the Ledro Valley. Only few people know the itineraries because the guides are particular gelous about them. Put on your wetsuit, helmet and harness and challenge the rapids immersed in the woods, between the rocks, running into unknown small lakes.We suggest you to book in advance your experience here.

For the more daring climbers, but also for those who want to try new senses of wellbeing, Lake Garda Trentino offers over 2000 equipped routes for sportive climbing and numerous routes to discover: not only in Arco, homeland and important showcase dedicated to this sport, with its most famous and prestigious brands, but also in Nago, Torbole sul Garda, Dro, and Drena. Book here excursions and courses for all tastes .