Hotel Villa Stella


Hotel Villa Stella

Riva del Garda Trentino


Riva is located on the Northern shores of Lake Garda

where the wonderful blue of the water ends and the Dolomites rise to the north. The unique environment of Riva del Garda was home to a variety of prehistorical communities and during the second half of the 18th century became an international tourist resort for the Central European upper classes.

Arco Trentino Lake Garda


The castle rising high on the summit of the rocky hill

in the middle of Valle del Sarca is the landmark leading to the historical village of Arco. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Arco is well-known for its clear, wholesome air and the mildness of its climate which made it famous as a natural health resort during the period of Austrian domination (1872-1925). Austria’s style influence can still be seen in Arco, in its parks, gardens, elegant Liberty villas and beautiful Renaissance buildings.

Dro e Drena Lake Garda Sarche


Drena overlooks the Valle del Sarca

and the postglacial landslide of the Marocche, a landscape that can best be enjoyed from the top of Drena Castle’s Bugnata Tower, a landmark of the whole area. The story of this community is in fact inextricably linked with that of its castle, stormed and razed, like so many others in the area, by the French troops under General Vendôme in 1703.

Tenno Trentino Lake Tenno


On the divide between Lake Garda's alpine and Mediterranean ecosystems,

Tenno is situated at a valley crossroads which was of primary importance from prehistoric times through to the Middle Ages. Its position in the mountains just above Riva del Garda gives its landscape special contrasts, and it was even mentioned by Virgil.

Hotel Villa Stella Torbole Lake Garda


The historic centre of Torbole follows the slopes of Monte Baldo

a real paradise of native flora and fauna. The steep road connecting Torbole with Nago witnessed an incredible event in 1439: the mountain descent of the Venetian fleet (Galeas per montes) to battle Milan for possession of the northern shores of Lake Garda.

Lake Garda Trentino


Tutto il territorio da visitare

Assieme ai riflessi mutevoli del Lago di Garda, molte altre sono le particolarità del territorio, dagli itinerari affascinanti ai paesaggi che seducono. Le Marocche, imponente frana risalente al periodo delle glaciazioni, che con il loro paesaggio lunare caratterizzano la valle di Cavedine, il Monte Brione, inserito nel Sentiero della Pace per le fortificazioni austroungariche della prima guerra mondiale, la cascata del Varone, sono solo alcune delle molteplici bellezze che rendono ancora più splendido il Lago di Garda.